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Open Go-Kart Facility


American Dream Mall

BY  JULY 21, 2021 3:13 PM

A 40,000-square-foot, indoor go-kart facility is opening at American Dream mall.



Solo Events
Saturday 7/31 - Meadowlands - Event #7 - Lot E
Registration is open for the July 31 event- MotorsportReg.Com
Save these Dates
Sunday, August 8th – Lot J
Saturday, August 28th – Lot L
Sunday, October 10th – Lot J
Saturday, October 23rd – Lot L

RoadRally Beginners Guide to TSD

Zoom Get-Together - July 15, 2021 7pm Central

Continuing the new series of Quarterly Zoom Get-Togethers, the RoadRally Board announces that the next session will take place on 7/15/21 from 7:00-9:00 PM CDT, and will include these two topics:

  • Wendy Harrison will present a “Beginners Guide to TSD RoadRally”. This session is aimed at first-timers and will cover the essential things they need to know to select, participate in, and enjoy a Time Speed Distance rally.


  • SCCA staff members who are participating in a TSD RoadRally for their first time at Roads Scamper in Middleton, WI on 6/6/21 will share their experiences as newcomers to this type of rally event.


Your the zoom link for the event on July 15, 2021


The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is returning to the streets of Brooklyn July 9-11, 2021 and SCCA Pro Racing is looking for F&C volunteers to round out the event. You will be trackside as the all-electric Championship takes on the challenging concrete course for a double-header weekend in the Red Hook neighborhood against the Manhattan skyline and Statue of Liberty.
The bonus for volunteering is the inclusion of a double-occupancy hotel room for all marshals who commit to both race days, with transportation to and from the racetrack each morning and evening.
COVID safety protocols will be in place to protect all participants, including mandatory testing prior to arrival at the racetrack.
For more details or to sign up, click the registration link! Register Now:

Welcome to Summer 2021!!!!

What motorsports do you have planned for 2021?

2021 Second Hand Roads

By Peter Schneider

Results and Photos

On May 23rd SCCA-NNJR presented this year’s version of ‘Second Hand Roads’ a 65 mile Time-Speed-Distance RoadRally which utilized Richta Smartphone GPS checkpoint timing/scoring application.

‘Second Hand Roads’ is an event which was originally conducted by Raritan Valley Sport Car Club (RVSCC), which is club that operated in Central New Jersey since the early 60s. ‘Back in the Day’ there was over a dozen rally club conducting events in the area, hosting both TSD, Gimmick rallies and the all night New Jersey Monte TSD Map rally, which was always run in the dead of winter on a moonless night. How things have changed. These clubs included, Triumph Sports Car Club, Greater Rockaway Sports Car Club (Grass), Mustang Club of North Jersey (later rebranded as Motorsports Club of North Jersey), MG Car Club, Corvette Club and in the ’70 the Z-Club.

The idea behind ‘Second Hard Roads’ hosted by RVSCC was to provide the club an excuse to recycle leftover trophies from prior events and use an old set of rally instructions for the route layout, refreshed for current road conditions and signage.

Working with that theme, over four years ago, SCCA-NNJR and RVSCC got together to resurrect the event. The first couple of years scoring was done by closed staffed Timing Controls, a set of two teams worked two controls each which allowed a total of four timed locations along a 65 mile route. The events had a short break at a County Park, to give contestants a chance to socialize and provide the control teams time to move from their first control location to their second location, in order to leap-frog the rally teams. Enough time was needed between control locations, to allow for the control crews to time all 30+ cars at their first location, close up their control, drive to their second location and setup before the first rally car arrived, hence the need for the short break at the County Park.

Since ‘Second Hand Roads’ is advertised as a Novice or Beginners event, the route instructions are designed to be easy to follow with mileage to every turn and a lot of Official Times in the Route Instructions to keep everyone on-time. Official Times, also known as ‘Key Times’ or ‘Car Zero Times’ (CZT) are the mathematical/calculated time for Car Zero to pass a specific location. Since cars start the rally ‘one minute’ apart from each restart location, all a contestants needs to do, is add their car number to the ‘Key Time’ to get their individual perfect time at that location. In fact the Route Instructions even have a special column to the right of the Instructions to write-in the contestant’s individual time at each instruction.

The rally was divided into three sections. The first section, provided the exact mileage and ‘Key Time’ to each Timing Control, the second section provided the mileage to each Timing Control but not the ‘Key Time’ and the third section hid the Timing Controls along the route, so the ralliest needed to ‘stay on time, all the time’ to get a good score at those locations.

The past two years ‘Second Hand Roads’ switched from staffed Timing Controls to the Richta Smartphone GPS checkpoint timing/scoring application which allows for dozens of Timing Locations on a 65 mile route. The Richta App utilizes GPS technology via two apps, a Rallymaster app and a Contestants app. The Rallymaster app is used for the placement of control locations using Longitude and Latitude provided by the Global Position System. The Rallymaster then after calculating the perfect arrival time at that location (‘Key Time’) enters the ‘Leg Time’ into the Rallymaster app and after validating the data of all the Timed Controls and Start/Restart location in the app, the timing portion of the event is ready to go.

Contestants utilize a second app ‘Richta-Competitor’, which is available as a free download for either Apple or Android Smartphones and using their car number provided by the event organizer loads the event on their devise. The ‘Richta-Competitor’ downloads a ‘hidden’ file to the contestant’s phone that includes the Longitude and Latitude and Official Time of each location tagged in the Rallymaster App, and as the Contestant drives by the location, utilizing the written route instructions, the ‘Richta- Contestant’ app pings the phone and provide instant feedback of their score at that location and a running total for the event. Other features of the app, include the fact that the Rallymaster can track each car’s location along the route and the ‘Richta Cloud’ keep track of everyone’s leg scores, for easy download at the end of the event. The Rallymaster no longer has to worry about staffing Control Locations, providing instructions to the Control Worker to get from Timing Control to Timing Control, which were in a sense several mini-rallies, or have to be concerned about doing the ‘math’ at the end of the event to see who gets the trophies.

The 2021 rally route started at Subaru 46 in Hackettstown, had an 11 miles odometer leg ending in Allamuchy, NJ, (the township's name comes from the Native American word "Allamachetey", meaning "place within the hills") utilizing some of the same roads as the 2020 event but in a different configuration. We drove the entire length of ‘Shades of Death’ Road, up Jenny Jump Mountain and then used the narrow twisty roads on the west side of Jenny Jump State Park before heading into Johnsonbugh (Johnsonburg originated as an important stagecoach stop. An east-west route carried mail from Dover, New Jersey to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and a north-south route carried mail from Albany, New York to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both routes crossed at right angles at this location, and a post office and tavern were built. The tavern became an important meeting place, and elections and caucuses were held there) before a 30 minute break for Ice Cream in Blairstown, NJ at the world famous Blairstown Diner.

Blairstown, NJ is not only home of the Blairstown Academy which was founded in 1848, a $65,000+ per year Boarding school for grades 9 – 12, which even has its own 18 hole golf course, it was also featured in the original version of Friday the 13th, which introduced Kevin Bacon to the movie going public and also Jason Voorhees ( who terrorized the ill-fated camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake which was filmed in Hardwick, New Jersey. The setting for Camp Crystal Lake was Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco which is the private property owned by the Northern New Jersey Boys Scout Council, and is only open to the public on official tour dates. (

After visiting downtown Blairstown, the route doubled back north on Route 94 to the Paulinskill River Valley which features great narrow twisty paved roads with elevation changes not seen in other parts of the state, to end at Mattar’s Bistro in Allamuchy less than 7 miles from the start at Subaru 46. The 28 teams participating in the event utilized the restaurants outdoor patio pace for a social distance gathering for a late lunch and awards.

The Region would like to thank Pat and Eric Sjogren for conducting the initial pre-check of the rally route, Satish Gopalkrishnan and SaveraD’Souze for confirming the TSD Calculations and being the Official SCCA Safety Stewards and assisting at the start and end of the Odometer Leg as Novice advisors and Joanne Schneider for Registration, countless pre-checks of the route and helping at the finish, her only reward was several lunches at the old fashioned dinner in Blairstown.

SCCA-NNJR next event will be a navigational mileage based rally on August 22 – ‘Back to School’.



Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund

Freedom Major

SCCA - Northern New Jersey Region - Club Racing

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Group 1

Race 1 SRF3 
 Group 1 Race 1

2nd - Chris Pluta

1st - Peter Phillips 3rd - Brian Sullivan
Group 2  Race 1 FV 
   Group 2 Race 1 FV
2nd - Jeff Filipkowski 1st - Alex Scaler 3rd - Dean Curtis
Group 2 Race 1 FF
Group 2 Race 1 FF
2nd - Thomas E. Schwietz 1st - Steve Oseth 3rd - Joe Parsons
Group 2 Race 1 F5 
Group 2 Race 1 F5
2nd - Richard LoDuca 1st - F. Russell Strate Jr.  
Group 3 Race 1 FC
Group 3 Race 1
2nd - Eric Presbrey 1st - Glenn Cordova 3rd -Alex Tollefsen
Group 3 Race 1 FE2 
 Group 3 Race 1 FE2
2nd - Sam Harrington 1st - Keith McDonald 3rd - Lee Rackley
Group 3 Race 1 FX 
Group 3 Race 1 FX
2nd - Josh Reinard 1st - Vaughn Glace  
Group 4 Race 1 STL 
   Group 4 Race 1 STL
2nd - Darrel Stein 1st - Richard Astacio 3rd - Hugh McHaffie
Group 4 Race 1 T2 
   Group 4 Race 1 T2
2nd - Michael Lavigne 1st - Kurt Rezzetano 3rd - David Sanders
Group 4 Race 1 T3 
   Group 4 Race 1 T3
2nd - Jared Lendrum 1st - Marshall Mast  
Group 4 Race 1 T4 
   Group 4 Race 1 T4
2nd - Jason Benagh 1st - Nick Leverone 3rd -Ken Lendrum
Group 5 Race 1 EP
   Group 5 Race 1 EP
2nd - Charles Vaccaro 1st - Aaron Johnson 3rd - Coyote
Group 5 Race 1 FP
Group 5 Race 1 FP  
2nd - Mark McAllister 1st - Charlie Campbell 3rd - Tom Burdge 
Group 5 Race 1 GTL
Group 5 Race 1 GTL
  1st - James Gregorius  
Group 5 Race 1 HP
Group 5 Race 1 HP
2nd - Francis Selldorff 1st - Edward Werry 3rd - Shawn Fohs
Group 6 Race 1 AS
Group 6 Race 1 AS
2nd - Kelly Lubash 1st - James Jost 3rd - Jerry Post
Group 6 Race 1 GT1
Group 6 Race 1 GT1
2nd - Jeannette Udwary 1st - Tony Stefanon  
Group 6 Race 1 GT2
Group 6 Race 1 GT2
  1st - Andrew Aquilante  
Group 6 Race 1 T1
Group 6 Race 1 T1
2nd - Kurt Rezzetano 1st - Brian Kleeman 3rd -David Sanders
Group 7 Race 1 B-Spec

Group 7 Race 1 B-Spec

2nd - David Rosenblum 1st - Steve Introne 3rd - Ryan Moran
Group 7 Race 1 SM
Group 7 Race 1 SM   
2nd - Matthew Morin 1st - Nick Leverone 3rd - Richard Astacio


Sunday, May 30, 2021

Group 1

Race 2 SRF3 

Group 1 Race 2 SRF3

2nd - Brian Sullivan 1st - Peter Phillips 3rd - j Mark Wendling


Group 2 Race 2 FV 
Group 2 Race 2 FV
2nd - Jonathon Weisheit 1st - Alex Scaler 3rd - Roger Siebenaler
Group 2 Race 2 FF
Group 2 Race 2 FF
2nd - Thomas E Schwietz 1st - Joe Parsons 3rd - Steve Oseth
Group 2 Race 2 F5 
No photo
  1st - F Russell Strate Jr.  
Group 3 Race 2 FC
Group 3 Race 2 FC
2nd - Glenn Cordova 1st - Charles Shaffer 3rd - Douglas Rocco
Group 3 Race 2 FE2 
Group 3 Race 2 FE2
2nd - Sam Harrington 1st - Lee Rackley 3rd - Keith McDonald
Group 3 Race 2 FX 
Group 3 Race 2
2nd - Keaton Van Thof 1st - Vaughn Glace 3rd - John Mirro
Group 4 Race 2 STL 
Group 4 Race 2 STL
2nd - Hugh McHaffie 1st - Richard Astacio 3rd - Greg Amy
Group 4 Race 2 T2 
Group 4 Race 2 T2
2nd - Brian LaCroix 1st - Kurt Rezzatano 3rd - David Sanders
Group 4 Race 2 T3 
Group 4 Race 2 T3
2nd - Jared Lendrum 1st - Marshall Mast  
Group 4 Race 2 T4 
 Group 5 Race 2 T4
2nd - Ken Lendrum 1st - Nick Leverone 3rd - Jason Benagh
Group 5 Race 2 EP
 Group 5 Race 2 EP
2nd - Charles Vaccaro 1st - Aaron Johnson  
Group 5 Race 2 FP
 Group 5 Race 2 FP
2nd - Mark McAllister 1st - Charlie Campbell 3rd - Travis Abbott
Group 5 Race 2 GTL
No photo
  1st - James Gregorius  
Group 5 Race 2 HP
 Group 5 Race 2 HP
2nd - David Oliveira 1st - Edward Werry 3rd - Francis Selldorff
Group 6 Race 2 AS
Group 6 Race 2 AS 
2nd - Jerry Post 1st - Kelly Lubash 3rd -James Jost
Group 6 Race 2 GT2
  Group 6 Race 2 GT2
  1st - Andrew Aquilante  
Group 6 Race 2 T1
Group 6 Race 2 T1
2nd - Brian Kleeman 1st - Kurt Rezzetano 3rd - David Sanders
Group 7 Race 2 B-Spec
Group 7 Race 2 B-Spec
 2nd - JB Swan 1st -  Steve Introne 3rd -  Ryan Moran
Group 7 Race 2 SM
Group 7 Race 2 SM
2nd - Richard Astacio 1st - Nick Leverone 3rd - Matthew Morin


Second Hand Roads Rally

For something completely different!
Northern New Jersey Region - TSD RoadRally
May 23, 2021

Click on the images to enlarge

 Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads


Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads

Second Hand Roads


On Site Registration 10:00AM - 11:00AM
Online Registration is Open Now!

Event Flyer

Great twisty back country roads of northwestern New Jersey

2021 Second Hand Roads

Special Social Distance Entry Fee of only $25.00 per car
(Payable day of the event)

Online Registration is open now - Link

Awards for 1st Overall & Awards in three classes
(Expert, Intermediate, & Novice)
Classes are based on your rally expertise

Plus Special Awards

The event is a straight forward Time-Speed-Distance rally that can be driven in 3 hours, including a 20 minute break in Blairstown. You will be scored on how well you can stay 'on-time'. No tricky instructions or dirt roads.

A great introduction to the sport of Car Road Rallying

We will have over 20 timed checkpoints. You just have to follow the route instructions and maintain the average speeds listed in the instructions. The speeds will all be at or below the posted speed limits.

Richta's GPS / Smartphone Timing will be utilized

Competitor - Richta GPS Checkpoints App downloaded before Registration; it is a free download and available for both Apple and Android.

The first five "1st Timers" to register for the event will receive a free copy of the "Road Rally Hand Book" included with their entry fee a $24.95 value.

You will be timed as you pass the Checkpoints. We will start off by telling you the location and exact time to pass the 1st set of checkpoints. In the next section we will tell you the exact mileage to the controls, but not the time to arrive, and the 3rd section all checkpoints will be 'hidden' so you can get a real feel of TSDing, by trying to stay 'on time - all the time'.

Each checkpoint will be timed to the 1/10th of a second and there will be a short break between each 'Section'. During the 1st break, event volunteers will be there to address any questions you might have to help you on the rest of the rally.

Starting location:

Route 46 Subaru in Hackettstown, NJ.

364 US-46, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Registration 10:00AM - First Car Off 11:01AM


Vinny Blancuzzi - We remember....

Vinny Blancuzzi died on April 21st at Saint Clare's Hospital in Dover.  He was 36.

Vinny joined the SCCA in October of 1991.  He was a member of the Berkeley Heights Rescue Squad and was already a big fan of automobile racing.  His interest in auto racing had been sparked by his father at an early age.  Years later, when he came to Lime Rock as a young man, he must have liked what he saw because he quickly became one of us and was embraced by our SCCA family.

In short order Vinny earned his Flagging and Communications license as well as his Emergency Services license.  Regardless of the region conducting the event, it was a virtual certainty that Vinny would be there working a corner or doing his thing at the track's medical station.

Vinny was a quiet guy.  He was quiet about himself.  Vinny was very quiet about himself.  He was always most interested in the person with whom he was speaking.  Vinny was more interested in you.  Remembering back, it seems that whenever you greeted Vinny, his typical response was, "Hey! How're you doing?" or "Hey! What's happening?"

He never said, "Can you do this for me?"  More often it was, "Can you help me with this?"  Or, hearing that something needed doing, he would simply go and do it.  He wouldn't look to be thanked.  Often, not knowing that Vinny had already taken care of things, when you went to do a task, you discovered that it had already been done.

But as serious as working corners is, Vinny also had time for a lighter side.  A water balloon fight at a gathering of SCCA folks or the silliness of squirting Redi-Whip all over in the cab of the Region's van well, each of these was possible with Vinny.  He loved to have fun.

He was awarded the honor of NESCCA Worker of the Year in 2002 affirmation of the high regard which the Flagging & Communications community as well as the entire SCCA NorthEast Division held for his abilities and his dedication.

In 2004, when he became ill, he was examined at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the city.  He had to endure over a month of daily radiation treatments at Sloan-Kettering.  Showing their love for him, his friends rose to the occasion and made themselves available to drive him to Manhattan and back to Berkeley Heights each day.

He not only loved the SCCA and the sport, but he also found his love in the SCCA.  Robin & Vinny.  Vinny & Robin.  If you saw one, then you also saw the other.  They attended our Region's meetings together.  At our Annual Dinner or at the Region's Worker Party each January, they were there together.  On the first Friday of the month labeling the newsletter at Robin's Vinny was always there.

Vinny loved kids.  And kids loved Vinny.  Jessica and Rachel and Kenneth all loved him.  All the tykes in our SCCA family loved Vinny because he would take the time to play and kid around with them.

Vinny is survived by his folks Diane and Vincent Sr., by his love Robin, by his two brothers Jeffrey and Stephen, and by his SCCA family of friends.


Introduction to TSD Rallying


Fox Wilmar Productions/RASC

You might find this interesting, our friends at Fox Wilmar Productions (David Fox) in association with Rainier Auto Sports Club (The club that conducted the ALCAN5000 and several 2-3 days events in the Pacific Northwest) produced an 'Introduction to TSD rallying' video.

As you may know David Fox provided the video clips used in SCCA's newly released RoadRally Safety Steward Training Course. He must have liked the clips we selected for our training course, because you will see them used in this video.

Click her for video


The Alex Cilli Spirit of Dedication Award

2019 - Jeff Yatsko

By Tony “Mario” Crea

Alex Cilli was a quiet, but very special individual. He drove an Autodynamics Formula Vee that was built during a time when all men had “Dad Bods”, so I fit in it just fine, thanks for asking! What made Alex special was that he always remembered the details of what people told him during conversations in the paddock... You got married? He’d ask how married life was treating you each time he saw you, even if it was just two times a year. You got a new job? He’d ask how things were going and if you got the corner office yet. If you answered, “No”, Alex would ask, “Well, why not?”

Indeed, Alex was akin to the former 60 Minutes presenter, Charles Kuralt, who endeared himself to many around the nation simply because he listened. Furthermore, Alex always made sure to personally thank the core staff at the end of each and every event because he knew that quality events don’t just happen because someone showed up with some cones and a timing system. One of the many ways Alex would show his appreciation was during cleanup, a time of the day when competitors typically scatter like cockroaches in sunlight. By virtue of owning that Formula Vee, Alex had a trailer; so, he’d drive around the lot, picking up the stacks of cones workers would make at the end of timed runs. This now commonplace practice was a huge help to the region when we started growing our events into what they are today.

A lot of people miss Alex, I know I still do. As a matter of fact, I began using number 158 since his passing so that I could still incorporate the number 8, which I used from the beginning, and the number 15, which was Alex’s number.

Now, this reminiscence has a purpose and it can be summarized in just three words...
“Not a problem!”

If you’ve never heard these words spoken at an NNJR autocross, then you’ve probably never attended an NNJR autocross! While we all know that no autocross would be possible without everyone helping at some point during the course of the day, it takes a special, albeit moronic, group of individuals willing to be core workers each season. Within the NNJR’s core group, however, there exists an individual whose can-do attitude is a reassuring beacon of reliability that the event will go off without a hitch. Here are some examples:

Carburetor in the generator is gummed up? Not a problem!
Pit bike has a flat tire? Not a problem!
PA system has a nasty reverberation? Not a problem!
Gout’s acting up? Not a problem!
And this all takes place by 7:30 am!

In case you haven’t guessed by now, Jeff Yatsko is about to be presented with a special award that embodies his tireless dedication to our autocross program each year. Whether it be off-season maintenance and improvements to the truck, arranging for our competition license to be completed and registered with the State Police, or picking up cases of water for corner workers - along with lots of other things in-between - Jeff is the guy we typically turn to.

The region owes a huge debt of gratitude to Jeff and I know that, wherever he may be, Alex would agree wholeheartedly. So, without further ado, Jeff Yatsko, come accept...
The Alex Cilli Spirit of Dedication Award!

Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund

Freedom Major

SCCA - Northern New Jersey Region - Club Racing

Sanctions 21-TD-55739 and 21-M-20519

Friday, May 28 — Sunday, May 30, 2021

Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, PA


Registration Entry List


(updated - May 1, 2021)

Conference Standings


Group  Classes Qualify Race 1 Qualify Race 2 Notes
1 SRF3 Qual 1 Race 1 Grid 2 Race 2 Notes
2 FF, FV, F5 Qual 1 Race 1 Grid 2 Race 2 Notes
3 FA, FC, FE2, FX, P1, P2 Qual 1 Race 1 Grid 2 Race 2 Updated
4 STL, STU, T2, T3, T4 Qual 1 Race 1 Grid 2 Race 2 Notes
5 EP, FP, HP, GTL Qual 1 Race 1 Grid 2 Race 2 Notes
6 GT1, GT2, GT3, GTX, PX, AS, T1 Qual 1 Race 1 Grid 2 Race 2 Notes
7 SM, B-Spec Qual 1

Race 1

Grid 2

Race 2 Notes


Test Day Results
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5


Read more: 2021-05-28-30 - Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Major at Pocono Raceway

2021 Solo Schedule

Note: The new 2021 Helmet rule by the New Jersey State Police was just updated 4-10-21, allowing 2010 helmets until 12-31-2021.

MetLife Stadium
  • Sat 3/27- Lot E - Results
  • Sat 4/10- Lot L
  • Sat 4/24- Lot L
  • Sat 5/1- lot E
  • Pro Solo 5/7-9
  • Sat and Sun 6/5-6 - lot E (Possible 2 day Mini Tour)
Pocono Raceway
  • Sat 5/29 / Sun 5/30 - Sat AutoX, Sun Track Sprint


Always check AutoX4U for latest event details.


2021 Tire Rack SCCA New Jersey Champ Tour


New Meadowlands Sports Complex

Date: May 07, 2021 to May 09, 2021

Note: The new 2021 Helmet rule by the New Jersey State Police was just updated 4-10-21, allowing 2010 helmets until 12-31-2021.

Anyone who will be on site for this event MUST fill out and hand in at waiver check-in the MetLife Stadium release waiver found: 

Online Registration - Opens 3/31, Closes 5/4

Download the National Solo Covid19 Guidelines here

2021 Northeast Division Road Racing Series

Always check the NeDiv website for the latest news.

The NeDiv Series begins its eight year as we move into 2021. This year the schedule includes nine race weekends at some of the most exciting tracks the Northeast has to offer. You will find the schedule below. Also, we are welcoming a new class existing racing classes, it is a spec corvette series. A copy of the rules for the series and the new class can be found on the NeDiv website.

To be eligible to be a class champion racers must compete in a minimum of four race weekends and finish first in their class. This year a racer may count eight weekends total towards his or her points total. Racers can use the Divisional path to gain an invite the SCCA runoff’s at Indianapolis! Compete in at least four events, be in the top three in your class in points (top five in SRF3 and SM) before the runoff’s and you’re in.

The 2021 schedule:

  • April 24/25 at Summit Point
  • June 4/5 at NJMP Lightning Course
  • June 11/123 at Lime Rock (the only SCCA event at the Rock)
  • July 3/4 at Watkins Glen
  • August 7/8 at NHMS
  • July 28/29 at Pitt Race
  • Sept 25/26 at Watkins Glen (Fun One weekend, race the long and short courses)
  • Oct 1/2 at Thompson
  • Oct 30/31 at Nelson Ledges

If you have any questions contact Chris Mosley, series chairman, at 973-723-8069.



Track Night 2021: Pocono - May 28


Pocono Raceway is one of the most historic circuits on the Track Night in America schedule having hosted NASCAR and IndyCar races for more than 40 years. In addition to the oval known as the “Tricky Triangle,” Pocono raceway includes a selection of road courses, the longest of which takes advantage of the ovals’ 3000+ foot straights to create a 2.5-mile 8-turn layout. Located in the mountains of Pennsylvania, the track is a two-hour drive from both New York City and Philadelphia, making it a great location for an evening at the track.




In Honor of Bruce Bellom #15

Bruce Bellom

Celebration of Life - Bruce Bellom


Family and friends let's Celebrate his life with some good memories.
Zoom Call on Saturday, March 13, 7pm


This insidious virus took Bruce Bellom, friend to all in the autocross community, on Monday, March 1, 2021.

Bruce BellomBruce was a fixture at countless events locally and nationally over the decades.

Bruce taught countless people to become better autocrossers.

Bruce entertained people with his surprisingly mellow, radio-friendly voice as an announcer at local and national events.

Bruce became another victim who departed this world too early due to Covid but Bruce was strong and he fought. Bruce fought and he fought and he fought until he couldn't fight anymore.

Bruce will be missed... Autocross events will never be the same without you, dear friend.

Bruce Bellom

In honor of Bruce, we are raising money for Peekskill Rotary Club Foundation, Inc., in Bruce Bellom's name. He was heavily involved with this foundation, and was on his way to being president. The NNJR-SCCA will match up to $150. Let's show our appreciation for Bruce as he has shown to all of us.

If you wish to donate directly to the Foundation click here.


Sharon A. Burke, we remember...

Sharon A. Burke (nee Schwertfeger) of Califon, NJ passed away suddenly, at St. Clair's Dover General Hospital, on February 26, 2011, at the age of 47.  

Sharon Burke

Sharon is greatly loved and missed by many, especially by her son Kenneth and husband Jeff.

Sharon was born in Summit, NJ and lived in Gillette and New Providence beforeSharon Ken Burke moving to Califon 16 years ago. She was a graduate of New Providence HS and Robert Walsh Business School. Sharon also graduated with honors from The College of St. Elizabeth, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She was currently enrolled at Norwich University studying for her MBA.  Sharon was most recently employed with Clinsys Inc. in Bedminster , NJ , as a Clinical Data Manager.

Sharon was a member of the Sports Car Club of America for 25 years, where she served on the Board of Directors for the Northern NJ Region. She has been a nationally licensed technical inspector and holds a regional license in emergency services. She was named the North East SCCA Worker of the Year in 1996. She was also a champion auto-crosser where she won dozens of races with her 1984 Camaro, including 3 invitation only events.

She enjoyed volunteering at Tabby's Place, a cat shelter in Hunterdon County . Sharon helped with Habitat for Humanity projects, and then transferred those skills to help build the pavilion at Memorial Park in Lebanon Twp. She was past president of the Lebanon Twp. PTA and was a founding member of the Lebanon Twp. Educational Foundation. Sharon participated in many Avon Breast Cancer walks with her team of friends.


Rally - Highland Spring Trek

Time to get out on the wide open roads!

April 11, 2021

All new route for 2021

Highland Fling
This edition of the Trek will start at High Marques Motors in Morristown, and travel north into the Pequannock Valley and Northwestern Jersey Watershed to discover some of the most stunning scenery the Highlands region has to offer. We will end in Sparta at local favorite, Krogh's Restaurant & Brew Pub near the Sparta Boardwalk.
Special arrangements have been made for a social distance stop at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum to learn about the history of hard rock mining in Northern New Jersey, in Ogdensburg. The Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World.
The event is being conducted in association with the NJ Highland Coalition.
Per the Skyland Visitor's web site, Trail Of Historical Sites Tells A Remarkable Story About Industry and Invention in the Garden State.
There is a thread of heritage and industry that began in the New Jersey highlands centuries ago, before America officially started. If you know about it, a ride on the interstate becomes a little more interesting as you approach the hills on the horizon, passing through corridors cut through the earth. And turning off onto a county highway becomes a tour through some of the richest history in America when you really know where you are.
From pre-Revolutionary times through the 1980s, the ore and minerals contained in our corner of the planet have shaped our history. Mining is the basis for a major contribution from Northwest New Jersey to modern American society. Forges and foundries were the economic engines of the time, places that saw remarkable events.
Iron is only a part of the story that is told in the wealth of sites you can visit here in the Skylands. You can follow a trail of key places in the development of the Industrial Revolution and modern American society. Out of the first established settlements in the Skylands, invariably ironworking communities grew a network between the mines, blast furnaces, refining areas and ironworks that was by the 1840s-1860s a marvel of the times. This period, the "dead period" between the Revolution and Civil War is one of the most underrated in our history. Before these years there were no railroads, no health care, no telecommunications, no real cohesiveness beyond a political doctrine. There wasn't even a standard currency each bank printed its own money. Things that went on during that period right here in the Skylands had a lot to do with how we live today.

SCCA Majors Tour - Northeast Conference


Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund

Freedom Majors

Memorial Day Weekend ~ May 28 - 30th

Joe and Linda

The Region is set to return to racing at Pocono Raceway for the first time since 2017. Since then, two seasons were lost to unresolvable scheduling conflicts and last year our race had to be cancelled due to the COVID. This year we have a clear track to resume racing at Pocono.


The course we will use for the 2021 Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Majors races is the Combined North-South Road Course. After the 2015 infield repaving, this configuration has become the preferred course for SCCA racers. It consists of the road sections of the North and South courses, NASCAR Turn 2 and sections of the Long Pond straight and the Pit straight. This course is completely separate from the East Course which permits a concurrent event to be run during the racing.

This year’s event will feature an SCCA Test Day on Friday, qualifying and points races on Saturday and feature races on Sunday. SCCA will have a Track Night in America event on Friday evening. NNJR will join the Northeastern Pennsylvania Region to conduct an Autocross/Solo on Saturday and a Track Sprint on Sunday using the East Course. Four separate events in one weekend.

Since the Region has not run a road race event in four years, Race Chairmen Terry Hanushek and Dave Hofmann are in the process of “Putting the band back together again” in Blues Brothers speak. They have started to contact the chiefs and key workers from the 2017 event. They are also looking for experienced or inexperienced workers and volunteers who are interested in road racing to staff the event. If you are interested, please contact Terry (856 237-3566) or Dave (717 579-0968).

Current plans anticipate the schedule and supplemental regulations being available at the beginning of April. Watch this space.


At the February Board of Trustee meeting, the Board confirmed our region's commitment to return to Pocono Raceway for the 2021 season.
The event is currently on the SCCA National and NeDiv Majors Schedule.
Terry Hanushek and Dave Hofmann have agreed to lead the region's efforts for 2021 with the assistance of Butch O'Connor as Chief Steward and support from Darrell Anthony and Chris Mosley.
For those of you that do not know Terry, he is a dual member of NNJR and SJR as well as a National Licensed Race Steward and Race Administrator. Dave is currently a member of SJR and was active in NNJR in the past; he was a Race Chair for NNJR events several years ago. Butch O'Connor was NNJR Race Chair the last time we were at Pocono in 2017 and will be the Head Race Steward in 2021.
Needless to say the event will be subject to Pennsylvanian State Covid-19 restrictions and will be in full compliance with SCCA guidelines.
Terry will build on the work he and Brandon Fetch did for the 2020 event which was canceled. Terry and Dave will focus their initial efforts in six area: Administration (Budget, Sanction and Supplement Regs), Staffing, Equipment, Track Liaison/Contract, Covid-19 Protocols and Track Configuration/Layout.
As more information becomes available, updates will be provided to the Region membership.


Jason Evangelista

The Board of Trustees are please to announce by unanimous consent that Jason Evangelista has been selected to receive the Vinny Blancuzzi Award for dedicated service to the Region.

2020 Vinny Award Jason Evangelista

Jason joined the region 10 years ago, and has been a the region's Treasurer since 2013.
This award is to recognize the time and effort it takes to make the Region work above and beyond the normal effort. Nomination for this award can be made by any member in good standing; this award can be given to any member or friend of NNJR. Past winners of the award includes Meg Meyer, The Zane Family, Perry Aidelbaum and in 2017 Lou Giallanella.


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