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2022 Solo Season Review

We thank you all for coming out to our shortened 6-event 2022 Solo Season. We plan to have an awards party sometime in February, we will send out a notice once a date is set.

We saw some great competitions in many classes.

In SuperStreet Michael Aquino in his Boxster R took the win over long-time autoxer Chris Travis, after a long hiatus away from autoxing, Chris returned in a Tesla Model 3 Performance. AStreet had a 3-point difference with the win going to Dave Heinig in his C5 Z06 over Alp Caglar in his BMW. In BStreet, our worker chief Chris Laprus wins over Cy Lee. DStreet there was a 1 point spread between 1st place winner Steve To in his new Miata ND. Steve is getting acquainted with RWD as he has mostly been running FWD for most of his autox life with a 2-year stint in a Focus RS. In 2nd place in DStreet was Evan Therneau. Ed Lange won the EStreet battle over Rich Waye. Team Mayhem in the STS Miata is always fun to watch, the fight between Michael Roleira and Mike Kobialka, with this time the winner going to Michael Roleira who hasn't won since 2017. In STU Jose Arroyo takes the win over Abdul Chebly. In the CAM Muscle class, Ryan King takes the win over Jeff Darbig with Jonathan Weiss coming in 3rd, all in very well-prepared Mustangs. In the Novice class, George Faller wins it all.

The Pro class always has the best competition, with many national-level drivers some have even won a Solo Nation Championship. This season saw the battle of STR cars, Ken Houseal in a 2023 BRZ, Evan Schickel, and Mark Labbancz both in an ND Miata owned by Mark. It all came down to the last event with Even taking the win over Mark. This will be Evan's 3rd NNJR Driver of the year, previously he won in 2015, and 2017.

Please check HERE for all the class standings. 

Photos from the events can be found HERE 

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Have a safe and fun Holiday Season,

NNJR Solo Team